Visual Attention


Visual AttentionI very much enjoyed reading this excellent and timely book on orienting of attention. After just over 100 years of scientific research on this theme, it offers a comprehensive and up-to-date summary – indeed, a synthesis – of what we currently know, and do not yet know, about visuo-spatial attention. To my mind, this is the only book to provide such a systematic, methodologically and conceptually coherent survey – from a multi-disciplinary perspective – of this exciting field of investigation. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into the writing – and the outcome is a truly excellent treatise. In summary, I felt both intellectually enriched and inspired by this excellently presented and insightful book. It will come to be seen as a milestone in the field.
Hermann J. Müller
- University of Munich


With an engaging style of writing, Wright and Ward interweave a wide range of laboratory data with current theories of attention. An outstanding feature of their presentation is the way they use many lucid illustrations of experimental displays and brain structures to enable the reader to easily tie together the cognitive aspects of attention shifts with the underlying neural activity. This book can serve both as an introduction to standard tasks of visual attention and as a source of fresh perspectives on the workings of attention.
David LaBerge - Simon’s Rock College of Bard


Orienting of Attention is a very good book. It represents an impressive nearly encyclopedic survey of attention shifts, their relation to the underlying brain anatomy and to the eye movement system. This book also documents the important effort to model attention shifts. Although the field of attention shifts is somewhat narrow, it is also one of the most active in neurobiology and cognitive neuroscience. The authors have developed a book that provides a background that is very important for these areas, and particularly for relating models and neurobiological findings to cognitive research.
Michael I. Posner - University of Oregon


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